Mosaics and Patterns

creating mosaics and patterns

Learning about mosaics in Architecture.

Creating patterns and designs using square mosaic tiles…


They have been used to decorate our surroundings for millennia.

From ancient cultures to modern times, people have been using various colourful pieces of stone, wood, tiles, glass and many other materials to create beautiful patterns, borders, organic and geometric shapes.

There are many works of art depicting animals, people, landscapes and buildings…

Kids have experimented with colourful tiles and created fantastic works of art of their own. They designed some complex patterns and pictures.
Some of the mosaics were even 3-Dimensional!

Many examples of mosaics can be found across London: tube stations,  buildings façades and many public spaces. Thornhill Primary Office is beautifully decorated with mosaic, depicting planets, which are inspiration for the school’s classes names.

Well done everyone!

Thornhill Primary

Elizabeth House

St John’s Highbury Vale Primary