Alien Houses

alien houses

Imagine poor little Aliens in a need of a home…

We have pretended, that cute little Aliens have visited us for an advice on building houses on their planet.

Children have worked really hard to make the critters comfortable in their newly designed homes.

From small single-alien dwellings, to full scale space stations, some multi-storey,  with rocket landing platforms. Connected with stairs, escalators and cosmic speed lifts. Some structures even had super-gravity contraptions, so its inhabitants could walk upside down on the ceilings!

Some designs have even turned into flying spacecrafts….

Kids have learned how to construct dwellings to fit the scale and number of their occupants.

I loved the discussions among the young designers about what would be expected in a space building.

Children came with lots of interesting ideas as to what their Aliens might need in a house.

With all the projects we could easily urbanise several planets in the universe! 

Great work everyone!

Thornhill Primary

Elizabeth House

St John’s Highbury Vale Primary