Each workshop introduces some of the 

concept based activities:

Physical and Social  SCIENCES
Incorporation of  TECHNOLOGY
Principles of ENGINEERING and Design
English Language ARTS, ARCHITECTURE 
Application of MATHEMATICS

What we do

 KidsArchiWorkshops are a great way to learn about architecture and making. With lots of diverse topics exploring different building and construction methods, as well as drawing and other ‘making’ activities, it is a fantastic opportunity to develop child’s creative potential, gain confidence and pride of their own achievements and creations. 

During weekly one hour sessions children learn through fun in a friendly atmosphere. Creative activities are custom designed to support school curriculum, with elements of Maths, Physics, facts about London buildings, as well as world famous Architects and their designs.


Due to COVID-19 the workshops have been

suspended until further notice.


Please contact me for further information.


Creative Skills

Learn how use simple tools and transform materials into your designs…

Team Work

Cooperate and share skills with your friends to achieve your goals…


Develop your imagination to create anything you want…

Small group up to 12 children provides a positive and safe environment, encouraging teamwork, building ability of  problem solving and manual skills.



Instructions and guidelines are provided for each session, with easy to follow steps…  


I take photos during the workshops, to record awesome designs that children come up with… 


Weekly updates of the sessions progress and achievements, allowing parents to view and to share with family and friends…

helping future designers develop their New Ideas. Solving Big Problems

I believe creative skills help solving challenges in all walks of life. 

Join us on this exciting and stimulating adventure in making, with fully ‘hands on’ approach.



Satisfied Clients

Ongoing Projects

New ideas to explore...

Why we are different

 Creative workshops compliment school curriculum by putting into practice many theoretical and abstract concepts. Numerical understanding, such as quantity, weight, size, scale & proportion are explored through use of different materials.

I have developed a series of bespoke workshops, exploring architecture and STEAM subjects designed for primary school children.  

Each participant  gets individual  instructions and help when needed to accomplish the task.

Award winning project

In 2015 with Archimake, we won an award in the London Metropolitan University Accelerator ‘Big Idea’ competition for entrepreneurs for the concept of providing creative workshops for children.

From Our Clients

Some of the comments about the workshops…

“We were so happy and excited because we made a real tent (dome)”

Yanis 7,

Thornhill Architecture club, July 2018

“My son has chosen Design and Technology class at school, inspired by the  Architecture club

Mother of 7 year old boy,

Thornhill Architecture club, September 2017

I definitely enjoyed the session and would like to attend the Architecture workshops for the rest of the Summer Term…“

Annie, 7

Islington workshop, April 2016

“The best this term was building towers. Best thing was to learn how to make Robotic Hand”

Troy, 8

Thornhill Architecture club, March 2018

“The best workshop this term was drawing with words! I really enjoyed making my own board game, especially when we played our own games.”

Noah, 7

Elizabeth House workshop, July 2017

“I really enjoyed making my tree house. The best thing was making a periscope.”

Jasmine 7,

Elizabeth House workshop, July 2017

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