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I believe practical creative skills help solving challenges in all walks of life. A good practical knowledge of how to utilise different tools and materials is important in today’s world. Although most of designs are presented using computer images, the ability of freehand drawing and making physical models comes very handy when dealing with complex forms.

Dominika Fourt

Dominika Fourt

MSc Dip Arch & Eng

With a degree in architecture and engineering I have always  been passionate about making things. Having over 14 years international experience in commercial architecture, design and graphics I love sharing my vast experience, ideas and architectural knowledge. I have worked on Heathrow Terminal 5, being key member of the interior design team for the retail part of it, as well as many commercials centres in The U.K., Europe and Far East.

I started running workshops in September 2015 in Elizabeth House, at a local Islington Community Centre. Then I started after school Architecture Club at Thornhill Primary, and the Museum of London Docklands.
My workshops develop and keep expanding.

Although directed at fairly young participants aged 7-11, my workshops are custom designed to develop passion of creating and supporting children’s natural curiosity, eagerness to explore and learn.

 Small group up to 12 children provides a positive and safe environment, encouraging teamwork, building both problem solving and manual skills.

I have always been passionate about creating things. From youngest age
I have been transforming all sorts of available recycled materials into structures, space ships or models.
I understand the internal need of transforming the surrounding environment.

That passion led me to architecture.

 Reward is seeing that spark passed on.

I have developed a series of bespoke workshops, exploring architecture and STEAM subjects designed for primary school children.

One of the kids had been carrying a box with his train designed at home all day, to bring it to my evening workshop.
It was awesome, by the way!



Creative Skills

Learn how use simple tools and transform materials into your designs…

Team Work

Learn to cooperate and share skills with your friends to achieve your goals…


Develop your imagination to create anything you want…


Having kids I know how much they love creative activities and need a way of expressing themselves. Being able to do so builds their confidence and personality.

I’m aiming to bring S.T.E.A.M. activities into my workshops:

S T E A M :

S: Physical and Social SCIENCES
T: Incorporation of TECHNOLOGY
E: Principles of ENGINEERING and Design
A: English Language ARTS 
M: Application of MATHEMATICS

I currently run workshops designed for schools at the Museum of London Docklands, Thornhill Primary School, St John’s Highbury Vale Primary and Elizabeth House Community Centre in Islington.

next steps…

For more information about my workshops, please contact me directly:

For more information about my workshops, please contact me directly:

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