Architecture on a Hat

Architectural Hat

Creating a Hat with a whole city on it! …

With Kids at home I will be posting some creative ideas to get the minds and hands busy.

My first project proposal is:

an Architectural Hats &  Caps. 

It can also be a Space Hat, Animal Hat, Garden Hat…   
The possibilities ar endless and can be adapted to the age and ideas of young creators.

So let’s start a new fashion trends now!

I have attached templates for 2 types of headgear:

Architectural Hat – simpler design, difficulty: easy

Architectural Cap – more challenging difficulty: medium


Please have a look at the photos and download the templates with the schematics, by clicking on the buttons below the pictures.  Each prints on  A4 paper, preferably (80-120 g/m2).

Happy making!

#be-creative, #stayathome



Please let me know what you think about this idea, whether you like it, or if I can improve it…