Viral isolation

#stay-at-home #covid-19


Keeping creative minds busy at home…

I hope you are all keeping well in this difficult period.

I was very sorry to have to cease to lead architectural workshops, but under current circumstances it was not safe to continue.

As we all are in lockdown situation, it is important to keep everyones morale in the best shape possible.
Kids take it hard, as their routine with school and friends has been turned on its head.

This week some schools still run remote learning programs, but if your children need any creative ideas or projects, please do let me know.


I’m working on some new ideas for the future workshops.

Please stay at home and keep safe!


Best regards,
Dominika Fourt
D4T Creative Director

Please get in touch!

If you have any questions, would like some instructions for creative projects I’m happy to assist and email them to you.


You just need paper and some pens.

Draw your family, wiev from the window, your room.
There is plenty of subjects to put on paper! 


Use your LEGO, paper strips, straws, toothpicks and marshmallows, anything!

Create your own structures, robots, houses or puppet theatre!


Use your origami skills, paper strips for quilling, symmetric multi fold for cutting out patterns, Paper! Or create a 3D book with exciting stories inside!