Making Puppets

making puppets

Creating our own puppets for the puppet theatre performance 

The session was about learning, how to create animated puppets with moving parts.

We have talked about different types of dolls: stick puppets, finger puppets, marionettes…

Kids have chosen their preferred type, came with some great ideas about their puppets and created an amazing collection of characters!!

They have learned how to make puppets move using hands, strings and sticks, how to create a moving joint for the limbs or how to make the head turn.

We have used various colourful materials to create many interesting creatures and characters, including birds, dolls, dragons, knights and even aliens and space ships! 

We even got one puppet with a spare change of clothes.

Great work everyone. Now you can script a play and organise a fantastic performance for your friends and family!

Thornhill Primary

Elizabeth House

St John’s Highbury Vale Primary