Writing beautiful letters with writing implements of old…

We have “travelled in time” to the old ages when quills and nib pens were used for writing and drawing with ink. 

Children have experimented with various types of calligraphy nib pens and inkwells with inks in different colours as well as some modern calligraphy pens.

It was a bit tricky at the start, as the pens had to be held in a specific way, different from today’s pens. Nib pens have to be handled carefully to avoid ink splodges on the paper.  Kids have commented on how difficult it would have been if they had to rewrite their homework due to ink splatter on their paper!

It was even more challenging for left handed people, as they had to be super careful not to smudge their writing, nevertheless they have persevered and produced some excellent handwriting!

After familiarising with new tools children tried different writing styles and drawing. They noted that the lines created with nib pens are uneven, adding style and character to the letters and designs.

The new skill has been employed in creating interesting graphic forms, including certificates (of witchcraft and wizardry) , letters of acceptance to Hogwarts and other magic filled learning establishments…

Beautiful handwriting everyone!

Thornhill Primary

Elizabeth House

St John’s Highbury Vale Primary