3D Letters

3D letters

Building 3-dimensional letters and decorating them in our own style …

We were constructing 3-dimensional letters, creating a flat card template, then adding thick sides to make it stand out…

Kids have learned how to construct a their letters from a flat sheet of paper or card, connecting corners together and following the shape of the letter outline.

Some letters have proven to be more complex than others, making it a bit more challenging to complete.

Kids have also observed, that some letters can be decorated on both sides due to their symmetrical properties. Some others had to be carefully constructed to get the right shape and not the mirror image!

All letters came out really impressive! 

Children came with lots of interesting ideas as to what they could do with their 3D letters.

Now they can use the skill to make the whole word or name and use them as signs for their rooms, ornaments, bookends or freestanding sculptures.

Well done everyone!

Thornhill Primary

Elizabeth House

St John’s Highbury Vale Primary