3D City at Grasmere Primary

3D city at Grasmere Primary

Creating 3-dimensional urban landscape…

 Together with Kids with Brains we have organised February half term holiday club activity with urban design creative dimension.

Children at Garasmere Primary have built a 3-dimensional city! Two in fact, as the growing conurbation has spread over two sets of tables.

Kids have created lots of 3D buildings and arranged them along the river and the lake. Together we have discussed what makes a city, what buildings and spaces are essential and what elements of the city are important for children.  

Children came with lots of interesting ideas. We have  got plenty of houses, hotels, skyscrapers with offices, lower scale shops and amenities around town squares. There were pet shops, supermarkets and a candy store – of course! Among public buildings we had Police Station, Fire station, few hospitals and a library.

Kids added beaches and parks along the river, with several very inviting playgrounds, swimming pool and  bicycle tracks. Lots of green spaces with 3D trees too!

The river banks were connected with many beautiful bridges. The whole city had good road network and railroads. Impressive main train station had many trains on its platforms! 

We even had an airport and space shuttle launching station.

Kids have created quite a town!

Well done everyone!