Skyscrapers – November


Creating London Skyscrapers of their own design!...

This week we have welcomed three year 5 children from Sybourn Primary, London E17 and Real Initiative Home Education Group.

Children have learned about materials used in construction of buildings of the Docklands area today and in the 1800’s. We compared structure and materials used for Museum’s traditional warehouse to the modern buildings surrounding us today.

Kids have compared shapes and sizes of several of London’s tallest buildings, then faced a challenge of constructing the tallest structure. During their session they were learning about balance, stability and importance of good teamwork.

As the structures grew, the excitement did too!

Few teams have joined forces together, merging the structures into a much bigger and more stable constructions. 

There were competing with different techniques, forms and task dividing methods. 

Students have achieved many geometrically stable designs, creating Docklands of their own!

The finale brought even more emotions, as kids compared and measured their structures.  

They all commented at the end of the session, that it was a challenging task, and that good teamwork and cooperation were  essential in success of the project.

Group I

Group II

Group III

Real Initiative Home Education Group