Turning 3D rings of tetrahedra into  fun toy designs!…

This week we have learned how to make Kaleidocycles

The simplest kaleidocycle is a ring of an even number of tetrahedra. (Tetrahedra are pyramids with equal edges and equilateral triangles as sides.) The tetrahedra are connected on perpendicular edges. 

What makes it special is that you can continually twist it inwards or outwards while it shows different sides of each tetrahedron. 

There is an infinite number of kaleidocycles.
The tetrahedra then becomes a pyramid.

These  3-dimensional geometric forms that change shape are fun paper toys to colour, craft and play with. 

Cutting and glueing together templates kids have made  several models.

We had variations on patterns, colours and even Doctor Who and few cartoon representations of history and and civilisation.

Great work everyone!

Thornhill Primary

Elizabeth House

St John’s Highbury Vale Primary

You can download Kaleidocycles template here: